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Hybrid Heating Systems

New Hybrid Heating Systems From Robertson Electric

Like most homeowners in this area, you may have a heat pump that works throughout the year as both a heating and air conditioning system. In these Central Virginia temperatures, it’s hard to beat a heat pump in efficiency and comfort, but when arctic temperatures set in, there is no beating a gas or oil furnace for maximum comfort. Wouldn’t it be great to marry the two systems for peak efficiency and comfort?

With Robertson Electric’s New Hybrid Comfort System, you can do just that. Now, energy efficient homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds.

“At moderate temperatures during the winter – about 30 degrees or warmer – the more efficient heat pump heats your home with the new Hybrid System,” explained Matt Vickers, Service Manager at Robertson Electric. “But when the thermometer drops below that temperature, your gas or oil furnace becomes the main source of heat.”

“If your furnace and air conditioner are more than 8 years old, a Hybrid Comfort System can reduce your heating bill by 33% this winter and lower your cooling costs by as much as 46% next summer,” added Bruce Locker, President of Robertson Electric.

With the price of oil and electricity certain to rise again, this can mean yearly savings of $500 to $1,000 or even more in utility bills.

Plus, Robertson’s Custom Hybrid Systems are tailored to suit the personal comfort levels of each homeowner as well as the design of each particular home. Experienced Robertson Electric Comfort Advisors and Technicians evaluate each home and adapt the new heat pump to work in conjunction with the existing furnace. With ultra-modern technology, the home becomes more comfortable, the life of the furnace and heat pump is extended and the utility savings are immediate.

Typically, the furnace and air conditioner consume more than half of all the home’s energy, meaning that utility bills could spiral out of control with rising oil prices. Saving thousands of dollars in utility bills may be the best possible use of personal wealth with the stock market now bouncing up and down and real estate prices still in flux.

But who installs such a modern system is just as important as which system is used.

“Our average technician has over 10 years experience,” Matt pointed out. “And our installers have in excess of 20 years in combined experience. Our people are also factory-trained and familiar with the new technology now available.”

According to Bruce Locker, now is the time to buy a new heating and cooling system.

“In my many years in business, I have never seen bigger savings offered on installation,” Bruce said. “We want to keep our people busy so we don’t have lay-offs and we want to pass savings on to our customers. By replacing an older, inefficient system, the average homeowner will likely get a far better return on his or her money than with the stock market.”

The new Robertson Hybrid Systems come with state-of-the-art technology, including variable speed motors, digital and programmable thermostats guaranteed to lower energy costs.

For a no-obligation consultation to see how Robertson’s new Hybrid Comfort Systems can save lots of money on utility bills, call Lynne Gilbert, Sales Coordinator with Robertson Electric, at 973-4348.